2011 Dayi Raw Puerh (7542)

$9.00 - $104.00
  • 2011 Dayi Raw Puerh (7542)
  • 2011 Dayi Raw Puerh (7542)

Dayi Factory is known as one of Yunnan's biggest tea producers. The numbers 7542 have a specific meaning - 75 stands for the year in which the recipe for Raw Puerh was created, 1975. The third number, 4, refers to the grade/size of the tea leaves (medium-sized). The last number, 2, refers to Dayi Tea Factory, where this pressed tea-cake was produced.

This raw-puerh was pressed from medium-sized tea leaves in 2011, put in dry storage, and aged. As a result, it carries a strong Qi, and has a slightly pandan taste with a dry mouthfeel.

Brewing Instructions (Chinese Gongfu style)
We recommend a ratio of 5g of tea leaves to 120ml of water. Water temperature should be boiling. This tea should be able to last 10-12 steeps

1st and 2nd steeps: 5 seconds
3rd steep: 8 seconds
4th steep: 10 seconds